Chattyhive is now an open source project

We are glad to announce that chattyhive is now an open source project with a very open license (MIT)

This means that you can now access all chattyhive code, documentation, design resources, prototype files and much more by visiting our github repos.

Even more important: you can fork our projects and use or improve the code. You can open issues in any of the repos or email us if you need any help with the code.

Currently there is a backend in production ready state but with outdated code, and an Android app in alpha/beta stage, that you can build a test. There is also a good amount of documentation for the API, the backend, and the Business side of things.

Here is a good bunch of useful links:

API & Dev documentation
API Documentation
API Methods examples
The Bible

Docs and Resources
Launch page

We use Trello to keep track of issues and organize each new version.
Android – Tags & Goals
Backend – Tags & Goals
Development Roadmap (Spanish)
Design & Functionalities (Spanish)

Prototypes running on Heroku
Android app – NOTE: This one is a big download, the web browser might become unresponsive for a few seconds
Website widget

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Diego Ocampo Pérez

CEO @ chattyhive